K-Products.US LLC

Firearm Education

FFL Transfers and Selective Firearm Puchasing

K-Products and K-Teach operates as a business that first started in 1983 then named Computer Vistas Inc. Today, K-Products is an ATF Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) dealer, K-Teach.US is owned and operated by an NRA Certified Instructor, NRA RO (Range Officer), NRA MR (Metallic Reloading), NRA PPITH (Personal Protec)tion Inside the Home),  Ohio Multi-Certificated educator “Jenny’s Scholar”, and 1969 Vietnam Veteran.

We are a company that personally caters to the client allowing for individualized quality service. Many facets of the firearm industry are promoted: Safety, Education, Retail, Transfers, Collecting, Reclamation and Responsible Ownership.

Educationally, offering the Ohio Concealed Carry Handgun License (CHL) Training Classes, Basic Pistol Instruction for indivuduals wanting basic instruction on firearms and other firearm related courses.

Special pricing is available for Clubs, Small Groups and Individuals desiring Private Informational Instruction.   K-Products prices are competitive when pricing firearms, partial to educators and tries to foster a lasting relationship with all clients.

As an FFL (Federal Firearms License) dealership we are able to purchase and sell most firearm brands, makes and models that are currently available. Firearms are purchased via “on demand” and factory new. However, collectible or relic firearms are usually obtained from estates, and private individuals.

All firearm purchases require a Federal Form 4473 and all ammo require a minimum age. We also accept FFL transfers and process the registrations of firearms.


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