Classes and CHL


Professionally Designed Programs

for learning

Firearm Basics, Conceal Handgun License, Organization Presentation on Guns

 Individuals Seeking to obtain the Ohio CHL “Conceal Handgun License”.

Class Group Dates are Flexible and Classes are Limited to 10

Professionally Taught by:

State of Ohio Certified Educator

Kent Citizen Police Academy Grad

United States Concealed Carry Certified Instructor

NRA Certified Instructor

USCCA Certified Instructor

FASTER Certified

Kent Citizens Police Academy

Range Officer Certified

1969 Vietnam Combat Veteran


1. Group Class and Live Fire Range ($115.00)

Date(s) Vary Call

(2-10 participant Classes – 6hr Class + 2hr Range = 8 hr. Day)

2. Firearm Basics Informational (Individuals) $85.00

A 1.5 hour introduction to firearms

Safety, Ammo, Storage, Cleaning and Live Fire

3. Firearm Presentations – Organizations/Non-Profit

CALL with Required Details for Price


Note: $15.00 Deposit is Required

            Cost: Includes Range Fees.

I: Safety

  1. Safe Gun Handling – 3 Rules of Gun Handling
  2. Knowledge of Range Commands
  3. Other Safety Rules

II: Fundamentals

  1. Eye Dominance
  2. Two-Handed Grip
  3. Five Fundamentals of Pistol Shooting

III: Firearms

  1. Semi-Automatic Firearms
  2. Revolver Firearms
  3. Calibers
  4. Aiming & Targets
  5. Ammunition Types, Reloading and Storage of Ammunition

IV: Firearm Firing

  1. Properly Loaded, cocked, decocker and unloading a firearm
  2. Common Malfunctions & Clearing Techniques
  3. Safely Clean a Firearm

V: Shooting Positions and Shooting Qualification

  1. Isosceles & Modified Weaver
  2. Holsters
  3. Storage

Required equipment is a firearm in any caliber .380 ACP to .45 calibers. Firearms of questionable safety or black powder will not be allowed. Ammunition: A minimum of 100 rounds of full power factory ammunition. Please bring fresh, new boxed rounds. No hand loads.

            NO FIREARMS ARE ALLOWED IN THE INSTRUCTIONAL AREA.  Firearms are used on the Firing Range ONLY. Firearms must be Unloaded, and Cased until otherwise instructed.

You need hearing and eye protection, a quality belt, a strong side only holster (outside range only). No cross-draw, shoulder, bra or small-of-back holsters are allowed on the range.

Special Needs: If you have any medical conditions or physical disabilities please contact K-Products.US LLC prior to registration.

To participate in this course you must not be prohibited by law from owning or handling firearms.




NRA RO Patchoh-certified-edNRA Instructor






Veteran Owned